Cold Turkey

It seems that going cold turkey had an effect yesterday when I managed to post this without any content! !

So another day and another attempt..

The humira is working! It has knocked my arthritis into remission! I am cured !! Actually I’m not cured I’m only as cured as long as the Humira works but that should be at least a few good years if not more!!
So, for all intents and purposes I’m cured!

So besides my dodgy shoulder the rest of me is pain free – bloody amazing!

The BAD news
I need to stop taking all the other pain killing drugs. And quickly as they’re nasty! The codeine, gabapentin and amitriptyline (spelling?)

I’ve reduced the gabapentin from 2700mg per day to 300mg – any less and I shake! And I’ve stopped taking codeine (with the exception of hurting my back last week – I took 4 over 2 days) So now the amitriptyline. It has nasty side effects and some research has found a link between taking it and dementia so I’m going cold turkey.

For any of you who have been prescribed it you will know the extreme effect it can have – please if you have time, share your experience below. It’s like a tranquiliser that lasts 24 hours, with an outer body generally confused edge to it!
Anyway I was taking 100mg each night – I’m no lightweight!

I’ve researched the pros and cons of ‘tapering’ and ‘cold turkey’ and I’m going for the latter.
My aim is to share my experiences each day and if you can I would love to hear your experiences as well!
So here goes…


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