So I’m presently present – mainly !!

Song lyrics spring to mind.. ‘I made it through the rain…’

I am the sum of my life experiences. I have been moulded by experiences. I’ve been led and have led. It’s been a

‘Long and winding road…’

I never had a life plan (which in hindsight is probably a good thing!) But I do remember on more than one occasion thinking ‘this is not how I pictured my life would be!’

I am nearly half a century old. For the last five years my life has been defined by the previous 10! Or so I thought. A good friend of mine describes similar difficulties in her blog a life after leaving! Her journey is almost identical to mine, he we’ve I’m now presently present and not rambling about hindsite !!

At last I can see myself!
I now know who I am and I recognise her – and actually she’s alright!!


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