Day One – Chilled Turkey


I’ve decided to try and plot my journey through cold turkey to warm custard by photographing various parts of my anatomy!
Above is day one – with makeup so not all hope is lost just yet!

As always I didn’t think through the whole stopping amitriptyline yesterday as yesterday was also Methotrexate day. Methotrexate for me mainly means headaches and insomnia. And no Amitriptyline also means insomnia – good start!

By the time everyone else was up this morning I had fed and watered the chooks,  raked the garden, cleaned and polished the kitchen to within an inch of its life and done two loads of washing. I stopped at vacuuming as felt it might wake the sleeping beauties! I also managed to read quite a lot of ‘The Stand’ as it was the longest book I could find and I fear a theme of long nights has arisen!

So, I slept at some point between 2am and 3am. That’s it! I’m now ready and waiting for the crash – but so far I’ve done the food shopping and am actually early for yoga too! I may well sleep during the lovely relaxing part of yoga but hey ho!

I am however feeling quite manic. My brain did all sorts of rediculous thinking last night (how to get a double bed into a tiny room, where to move a bookcase, what career I should now do etc etc etc)

I have had palpitations but that’s not new. I’m waiting for headaches, shakes, depression etc but so far just manic!


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