Day something!

Last night I slept !! Yeah!!

It’s one on and one off at moment as the night before I didn’t – soooo boring! I’m trying not to let it wind me up though but it’s tedious. And jumpy legs grrr but besides that just no sleep ! Oh and head aches!

However today following sleep I’ve felt a lot more human. Was up at 6.30 took the dog for a walk did some ironing (I know) and pottered in the garden and cleaned etc . Practicing being a housewife is hard ! But now I’m knackered – could sleep right now.  But can’t as we are off to yoga ! I may sleep there!


Last night’s sleep was not quite natural – it was slightly chemically induced due to my shoulder but I’m now wondering if the shoulder pain wasn’t real and I just wanted the painkillers! If it’s not one thing it’s another !

My other thought is am I going through the ‘ life change ‘ – menopause symptoms sound pretty similar to withdrawal symptoms so it’s swings and roundabouts ! And I’m rambling so perhaps I am still tired etc.etc. anyway I’ve bought a book about the menopause – it’s not something we are taught or that I know anything about ! Hopefully it will fill the small wee hours next time I can’t sleep! But any advice would be welcome please xx

I’ve also bought some magnesium which should help and also some melotonin capsules (from the USA!) So I’m hoping that the two may help with the insomnia as it seems to be one of the symptoms that lasts .. then I guess I’ll have to wean myself off them too!!!!


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