Thursday – day 8 ?

It’s strange but one of the main things I’m struggling with is the merging of time and days.

I’m not sleeping well. Well,  actually I’m sometimes sleeping well (12 hours) but for the last few nights it’s been fitfully.  In fact last night wasn’t good -it was rubbish.

I slept for a couple of hours between 2 and 4 then have up and got up. Chooks are happy because they’ve  been out since 5.30 with a beautifully prepared breakfast !

I lie awake with my mind in overdraft – like a pre OFSTED panic for those educators out there. I’ve redesigned the garden, created a chicken herb garden, put down paving, built and extension, all last night! I guess that it might be a sign that my brain function is actually improving, the fact that I can think about, plan and actually remmember. So I’m definately feeling a bit spaced out. A bit like the morning after the previous hard core 24 hours !

I’m seeing stars and flashes of light but non of it offensive!


Admittedly looking glazed and glassy eyed but lack of sleep will do that surely!

The worst symptom so far has been extreme headaches. A crushing hard ache across the top half of my head. That and dehydration. The headache is worse when I’m not constantly sipping water – both of which don’t help sleeping. And the feeling sick – not going to be sick but feeling ‘dodgy’ – hangover stomach. So I’m not eating much but that’s not going to hurt me for quite some time.

So all in all as bad as I was expecting! When I read up about there were stories of proper cold turkey -like heroine withdrawal!  Shaking, seeing things, severe aches etc etc. Although I’m not feeling the best I’m certainly feeling no worse then when my arthritis was raging -that was tough. That fatigue and pain was nasty. This is OK – it can’t be that bad as I still managed  a 10 mile walk last weekend can it!


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